About Me

Hello all my name is Gavin Waller. I am a Junior at Drake University studying Digital Media Production & News. Before landing on Drake’s campus, I went to Van Meter high school where I was involved with many things. I played baseball, golf, track and football. Sports consumed most of my time growing up as I was always traveling for sports or practicing them in my back yard. When I wasn’t in school or on the practice field, I was most likely with my mom at church. My mother works at a church so I was constantly there, mostly singing and learning music from the hymnals or bugging her coworkers. Now I wasn’t and am not a church junkie, although I went to church twice a week for 6 years, I just loved singing in the youth choirs there and that inspired my love for music.

When I landed on Drake I had a hard time figuring out what to do. Luckily I discovered a newfound love and expoloration for journalism. I didn’t do much reporting, writing, videography or photography in high school, but since I got enrolled in the School of Journalism and Mass communication at Drake, my desire to do these things was high. Now I have been taking photos, writing articles, and a lot of other things to occupy my time, but don’t get me wrong I still love sports and music.

When I’m not working on school, doing large amounts of photography and writing, I am often either playing video games, watching my favorite sports teams, or listening to music. Video games are something that I have been doing for a while, and while I’m not a nerd, I love to sit down and play for hours at a time. I’m not your typical gamer though, I’m not huge into shooting or adventure games, rather I love sports video games especially FIFA and NBA 2K. I love these games the most because they have been around as long as I have been playing and I love to see the progression of how much better the game has gotten over the years. When I’m not playing video games in my free time, you can find me watching my beloved Kansas City Chiefs and Portland Trailblazers. I’ve been a Chiefs fan for quite some time and watch every second of every game. If there is one thing you can find me doing on Sunday, it’s watching the Chiefs.

Perhaps the thing I do the most is listen to music. Whatever I’m doing, whether that is homework, working, or walking to class, I am listening to music. I have an appreciation for all types of music, besides country, but I love rap music and indie/pop music. Undoubtedly, my favorite thing to do with music is make playlists. On Spotify, I have made a lot of playlists because I love hearing my friends feedback on whether my collection of songs is good or not. My favorite artists at the moment, or as my generation would say, “Give me your Mount Rushmore of music,” would consist of Kanye West, Lil Uzi Vert, Blood Orange and Ducktails, although there are many more the I love.

Here are a couple of playlist I have made in the past. I hope you all enjoy.