Gerb’s Music Review (Nov. 4th – Nov. 8th)


Hard Rock Cafe Chernobyl

The New Jersey native released his latest album “Hard Rock Cafe Chernobyl”, as the album is packed with differentiating sounds, dynamics, and genres. The artist that is known for his song “Kollin the vibe”, Ducktails has risen into the music industry due to his vocal and production talents. On “Hard Rock Chernobyl”, a 30 song collection, Ducktails leaves out vast amounts of lyrics as most the the songs do not contain words. Although the album has little lyrical meaning, the artist has made great improvements on the production of his music. Instead of guitars, and other band instruments that he usually uses, the artist uses a whole new ensemble of electric sounds and synths to create interesting sounds, one that is unique to itself. The best way I can describe the album is that it sounds like elevator music but to a much better and interesting tone. Songs like “Debauchery” and “Fucking in the Sky” are songs that bring out a different ducktails, with in your face but quite entertaining futuristic sounds and chords. Other songs, such as “Smoking in the Rental” and “Catch a Rising Star” bring back that soothing and controlled sound that Ducktails has been known for. The album is a new perspective and aspect of the New Jersey artist, but his unique take on it has made the album much enjoyable to listen to.

you can listen to Hard Rock Cafe Chernobyl here:

It Might Be Time

After announcing that a new album is on the way sometime in 2020, Tame Impala has dropped two new singles in light of the album. One of the singles, “It Might be Time” shows off Kevin Parker’s skills and experiments with the keyboard, as well as holding into his psych-rock sound. The song delivers a sound that is the combination of 70’s electronic pop with interesting percussion and guitar. The percussion layered on stretched out synths create for that soulful and pop vibe that fans expect to hear from the artist. The song seems to have more flare and action than his earlier releases and that excites me to see what the artist has in store for he new Album. Although Parker has spent tons of time featuring on other artist work, the soulful and stringy artist has completed another great single that fans can enjoy for a while, or at least until he drops his album that is carrying a 5 -year wait.

you can listen to It Might be Time here:

Gerb’s music review(Oct. 22nd – Oct. 29th

In this first edition of Gerb’s weekly review in music, we dive into Kanye West’s highly anticipated album “JESUS IS KING”, Frank Ocean’s surprise single, and why I wanted to share my musical insight with others.


After a long and eager wait, fans finally got to experience a whole new sound and persona from Kanye West. Although the gospel tuned project carried some criticism, West’s 9th studio album was nothing short of “Christ Like.” In the Album, Ye takes the listener through his recent adventures with Christ and a new spiritual journey. Although the album features the Sunday Service Choir, Classic Kanye was still in full force on parts of the Album. “Follow God” carries a vintage Kanye feel with hitting snares and brilliant music sampling. The album also featured Pierre Bourne, a producer that is known for his work with the trending PlayBoi Carti. On his work with “On God,” Bourne delivers a spaceship sounding beat with brilliant synths and sounds that make it feel homey and gospel. The album was nothing short of what it was intended for, a spiritual soothing and awakening.

You can listen to Kanye’s new album here:

Frank Ocean “DHL”

Frank Ocean dropped a surprise single “DHL” last week. Ocean seems to be more care free and relaxed as he talked about Paris fashion week and Kawasaki bikes. Although the single was enjoyable, it wasn’t impressive nor creative. The song sounds very similar to past work and starts to become repetitive. The song was still fun to listen to but it is not near the quality of his past work. It will be interesting to see what the artist will put out next.

You can listen to Frank’s new solo here: