Gerb’s Year in Review

in this special addition of Gerb’s weekly music review, I will dive into my top two albums of 2019, alongside my two favorite singles of 2019

2019 has been one heck of a year for the music industry. Some greats have came and gone, such as the rise of Charlotte rapper DaBaby, and the fall of the beloved and inspirational Nipsey Hustle. Other artists such as Kanye West and Tyler the creator have exemplified their music success and knowledge with their new projects in 2019, while others have grouped up to make collaboration albums, such as Beast Coast and Dreamville. There was a lot that went down in 2019, now lets get down to it.

IGOR – Tyler, the creator

Wow. That’s one word to describe Tyler’s most recent album. Igor was an album that changed the industry and changed peoples perspective on him. There are fans who like “Goblin Tyler,” the sound and enigma around one of his earlier projects, a project that is darker and hard hitting. Some others liked “Flower Child Tyler”, as it was more soothing and uplifting, or as some would say emotional. To me, IGOR was the love child of the two albums. The album has its own unique sounds, using synths, heavy autotune and high tech production that makes it sound Futuristic. Another reason this album is one of my favorites for the year is because of the production. The production of this album is nothing but creative. To me, Tyler created a new sounds using all of the resources to his disposal to make an album that will be listened to for time to come.

you can listen to IGOR here:

Escape from New York – Beast Coast

This album takes number two on my list of albums in 2019. While many people still have yet to listen to this massive collaboration album, it provides hits after hits, with every crew member of “beast coast” showing their talents. Many people know about the New York Rap group A$AP Mob, but Beast Coast, a conglomeration of Brooklyn artists such as Joey Bada$$, Flatbush Zombies, Kirk Knight, show why they rival as the best rap group in New York. The album produces the iconic new York rap sound but with a modern twist, putting new sound effects on old rhythms. The album was also slightly hard hitting, with punishing bars coming from each artists. This is expected as we know the lyrical talent and old school flow Joey Bada$$ holds. We also know the deep and deranged sound of Flatbush Zombies. What made this album amazing for me was the surprise factor. I had high anticipation for the album but didn’t think it was going to deliver. Lets just say that I was very wrong.

you can listen to Escape From New York here:

Even if it hurts – Tei Shi ft. Blood Orange

This was one of my choices for favorite singles of 2019 because of my sweet love for blood orange and tei shi. The two have many collaborations in the past, such as “Hope” on Blood Orange’s “Negro Swan,” but this is their best work they have put out yet. The light and lifting sound of the vocals mixed in with beautiful production makes for a smooth and chill listening experience. What makes the sound special is the blend of their voices. Shi and Orange have two harmonious but sharp voices that match perfectly and make for solid music when each is put together. Like many collaborations between the two in the past, this song has it all, beautiful voices and beautiful production.

you can listen to “Even if it Hurts” here:

Mile High – James Blake ft. Travis Scott & Metro Boomin

What made this song crack the top two songs of the year is its reach and creativity. This song alone has broken many industry barriers and sounds. While Blake and Travis have collabed on “Astroworld,” this collaboration adds to the brilliantly crafted music the two have made in the past. I love the fact that Blake has stretched out into a new genre and sound, one that Travis Scott has headlined. Blake has taken the autotune creativity and synth skills to match Scott’s vibe, but he also brings in his own sound. The same goes for Travis. We have seen Blake on Travis’ work but we have not seen Scott on Blake’s music. Travis also delivers on this song as he mellows down his persona to match the slow and scratchy sound that the song brings. Overall the creativity and reach of the song is why I love it so much and why it made my favorite songs of 2019.

you can listen to “Mile High” here:

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