Spotify Wrapped

At the end of every year, the music streaming company Spotify gives you an in depth data analysis of everything you have listened to throughout the year. These statistics include what you most listened to artist of the year is, as well as your most listened to artists. Spotify also racks up statistics about your favorite song, and songs, in the same format. What is very cool and interesting is that Spotify has allowed you to share these results on social media, so all of your social network can see what artists you have enjoyed this year and what song has grabbed all of your attention. What is very unique to this year is that it is the end of a decade. In celebration of the end to the decade, Spotify has created “decade” playlists and statistics, molded to each listener’s listening record. If you have been a Spotify user since every year since 2010, they have found statistics showing the music lover their favorite song and artist of each year.

Listed below are some of my statistics that show what I have enjoyed and listened to for the past two years. Some of my favorite songs such as Goldlink’s “Crew” and Blood Orange’s “Hope” have made it onto the list of my most played songs. Kanye West and Travis Scott have are both fairly and rightfully so my artists of the year and decade. I hope you find my results interesting and wish to see many of your guys “Spotify Wrapped.”